American Bar Association

American Bar Association (ABA) offers free membership for one year to all U.S. newly admitted attorneys.  While membership itself is free, however, joining many of the committees is not.  But, there is a caveat!  If you are a newly admitted attorney, and you claim your free membership, then there is a chance that you will get a free invitation card to a committee.  Therefore, taking your time and waiting for that card, before joining, may be a good idea.   For those less patient, try this link and you may get a free pass.

ABA’s membership website, like many other information intensive websites, suffers from too much information communicated through the portal.  To drive that point home, ABA would send a literature with many sublinks.  Because some of the information really is useful, and in the sea of communications it is easy to lose it, this post is dedicated to some of the links.

  • ABA Journal.  Legal magazine reporting on wide variety of legal trends
  • Job Board.  Somewhat useful, but one may be better off going with Indeed, since even ABA’s Job Board incorporates some of the Indeed posts.
  • Free CLEs.  This one seems to be geared for webinar type learning, which is very limited in states like New York.
  • Free Ethics Research.  This seems to be specific inquiry based service, as opposed to the database of ethics opinions.